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Kaylynn Marie Photography

Kaylynn Marie Photography


Sales Manager

A born and bred New Orleanian, I strive to live up to the characteristics of my hometown: unique, energetic, and hospitable. I never met a wall I couldn’t talk to or a new friend to invite over for dinner. I live up to a mantra of a consistent glass-half-full attitude as well as my high school senior quote “If you want to sing out, sing out, if you want to be free, be free, there’s a million things to be you know that there are.”  After completing my undergrad in Birmingham, AL I knew there was only one town that had my heart and that was home. What other city could tend to my social butterfly tendencies?

My spirit animal is a hummingbird as I am sweet like nectar and one can always find me on social media flapping about town. I am always the first to R.S.V.P to a party and you can be guaranteed to find me being the first one on the dance floor as well. My exercise regimen is a mixture of a surf-inspired workout at City Surf, making moves to some Motown jam, and bouncing around to a 2 pm Happy Hour on a Sunday. 

“The dance between the groom and his momma gets me every time! It is definitely my favorite part of a wedding day  because my mom is my best friend. In case you were wondering, I already know our dance will be Carole King's 'You've got a friend.'"