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Lance Nicoll Photography

Lance Nicoll Photography

Valerie Gernhauser

CEO, Principal Planner, Lead Designer

I am a recovering attorney, Yale grad, pug lover, Springsteen fanatic, and Florida native. Calm, cool, and collected is my mantra. I'm a natural-born leader that takes pride in moving people, creating memorable milestones, and maintaining poise under pressure.

As a thought leader and industry expert in the event space, I'm grateful to share my knowledge on national platforms such as the Engage! Luxury Wedding Business Summit, Trouvaille Workshop, Cultivate Retreat, Bliss and Bespoke, and honored to present as a keynote speaker at SEPA, ILEA, NACE, and and WIPA events across the country. I'm very proud of the success of my Sapphire Sessions speaking tour, a specialized program for wedding planners and event designers aimed at elevating event industry best practices for the benefit of the greater good. 

I like getting lost in Anthropologie, spontaneous road trips, mixing metals and prints, kitchen dance parties with my daughters, and getting my hands dirty in a flower bucket or two. I'm a consummate over-achiever and a habitual mover-and-shaker. I consider myself very fortunate to bear witness to unfettered, intrepid, veracious love stories on Saturdays. I’m living the life I’ve imagined.

"My favorite wedding day moment? The father daughter dance gets me every time! I can’t help but tear up! It always reminds me of the feelings I had when I danced with my dad on my wedding day, and I think of my husband dancing with each of our girls at their weddings one day."